Forsstrom HF Demo Center

Forsstrom’s HF welding machines give you almost limitless possibilities. Come and test our machines in Forsstrom’s HF Demo Center in Lysekil, Sweden!

In bright and spacious facilities, Forsstrom offers demonstration, education and training in HF-welding, test welding and prototype production. Forsstrom’s HF Demo Center has a complete machine line for efficient HF-welding of PVC and PU products. Here, you will get the opportunity to test weld different Forsstrom machines. Of course, Forsstrom’s HF-welding experts are there to guide you.

The machine line also includes a digital cutting machine from Zünd, a roll slitter from Robart and a Carmo eyelet machine. The complete machine line makes it possible for our customers and partners to try out the most suitable machine for a certain product.

In Forsstrom’s HF Demo Center we offer training on HF-welding and our HF-welding machines.

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Forsstrom has put together a web-based database with a range of materials from the major material manufacturers. All materials are welded with a Forsstrom HF-welding machine, tested in a tensile tester and presented with our suggested welding settings.

Did you know that you can send material to Forsstrom for test welding?